As a plus size women, you are more than likely to understand the challenges that brings when it comes to shopping for clothing. All too often garments are made without thought or attention to fit and the plus size woman’s shape. We can often carry our weight in different places compared to our thinner friends and we can sometimes be conscious of how clothes hang, where they sit on the body and well they suit our shape.

Even if you’re not plus size and shop from the smaller end of our range, you’ll know that with life and age, our bodies change and we become more aware of what we want to show off and what we don’t!

It’s all about the plus size fit

In the clothing industry, when plus size clothing lines are developed, or indeed an extension of an existing ‘straight size’ brand, the garments are simply ‘graded’ up. This means the clothes are a carbon copy of smaller sizes made into larger sizes. This is all good and well, but what a lot of these fast fashion brands don’t take into consideration is weight distribution and of course, fit. Shapes that suit a slimmer figure, don’t necessarily always work for us larger ladies.

That’s where Kasbah Clothing differs. When designing our styles, Heather takes into considerations the needs and wants of a fuller figure and amends the sizes accordingly. We’ve spoken in the past about our ‘clever pleat‘ which allows movement and comfort for the wearer, but did you know there are all kinds of other details that Heather takes into account when designing?

Get extra, where it matters

We know for a lot of women, sleeve length is a huge consideration when purchasing plus size clothing. Many of us prefer a bit more coverage in the upper arm area, and this is where Kasbah Clothing can offer something quite special. Our sleeve lengths increase from our size 20/22 options and upwards. It’s important to Heather we offer our ladies a bit more coverage where it matters.

Fit for you

Heather uses a range of models to grade her garments and often has fit meetings with Becky (our Marketing Manager) who is a size 24 to discuss how the garments fit and most importantly feel. In these fit meetings Becky will try on the garments, move around in them, sit in them and get a general idea of how they feel on. We look at how they fit across key areas like the hips, bum, tum and shoulders and of course, sleeves. It’s important to the whole Kasbah team that these garments work in real life for our customers.

Getting in right isn’t always easy

Of course we can’t get it right for everybody and every…body. As mentioned above, we all carry our weight in different ways and with such a glorious spectrum of shapes and sizes, heights and widths, the team try to design and cut the garments to accommodate as many of you as possible.

We’re always open to feedback and love to hear what we’re getting right and inevitably, not getting right. Our comments section is always open on the blog, as are our emails ( and social media. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram by clicking the highlighted links. We love hearing from you, so do get in touch.

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