When it comes to plus size style at Kasbah Clothing, we pride ourselves on quality designs that are cut to fit, and built to last. Which is why, when it comes to buying in external brands, we take the time to make sure they meet the same high standards our in-house Kasbah styles are held to. With Robell Trousers, we know we can rely on this exclusive and established brand to compliment our own collection and stand its own when it comes to quality and fit.

What are Robell Trousers?

Robell Trousers are Europe’s best selling ladies trousers. The unique stretch fabric ensures the perfect fit while providing comfort and flexibility. There’s no bag or stretch, Robell trousers keep their shape ensuring they fit perfectly wear after wear and are available in a vast range of fit, size, fabric and colours. Here at Kasbah we’ve found the Marie style to be most popular, so we focus on providing a variety of colours, lengths and designs in this style. The Robell Marie style are a straight leg, pull on style, meaning there are no fiddly zips or fastenings to deal with or dig in.

How to style Robell Trousers

Each season we take the time to choose styles and colours that work in harmony with our Kasbah collection. Bright bold colours in the summer months to add interest and impact to your outfits, whereas in Winter we tend to focus on texture and warmth of colour.

It’s easy to mix and match the Robell styles with Kasbah, but if you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve put together some summer outfits to help you visualise just how fantastically these styles work with your Kasbah Clothing pieces.

Khaki works so well with pinks and purples. By adding gold accessories you can add depth and richness to your outfit. We love the Taraji tee with the Khaki cropped Robells.
With hints of nautical style, this combo is a casual dream. Team classic navy stripes with the Tippi tee, add a gorgeous pop of colour with the Rose Red Robell crops and a contrasting scarf.
Classic denim with a bright punch of colour. The denim Robell crops are the perfect base to build on with colour and pattern. Our Tuti tees are the quintessential casual tee, available in a variety colours they work beautifully with our extensive scarf collection – why not try one of our summer woven bags to finish off the look.

Want to try Robell for yourself? Click here to shop the range.

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