Brighter mornings, lighter evenings. Shops are opening again and we can dine out or have drinks with friends – outside of course. As things open up again for us after what can only be described as a challenging year (at the very least) we’re thinking about outfits beyond our pyjamas or loungewear.

If you’re not quite up to letting go of the comfort of your staying in wardrobe, we have the perfect transitional piece for you that will see your through Spring, Summer and beyond. Our linen shirts are simply stunning (if we do say so ourselves).

Why Linen?

Aside from the sustainability of the fabric, linen is naturally absorbent and incredibly breathable, so it’s your perfect warm weather companion. The composition of the linen fibre means it allows the air to move more freely about your person keeping you cool and fresh. And just like us, it improves with age! Linen actually gets more soft and comfortable the more you wear it.

To read more about Linen, how to care for it and how it’s made, you can read out Guide to Linen here.

What’s the difference between Tokyo and Takoma?

We get asked this question quite a lot, and long term fans of Kasbah will know these two are very similar in style. These fantastic tunic style shirts both feature turn back sleeves, shell button detailing, our Kasbah ‘Clever Pleat’ and of course pockets. But where they differ is the linen weight.

Tokyo’s are a heavier linen so they hang differently, they can be quite stiff but as mentioned above, linen gets softer with age. They are great for layering up in the cooler months, but being wonderfully breathable, you can still wear them throughout the Summer.

Our Takoma style has all the same features as Tokyo but the linen is much lighter weight. Great for those of you who prefer a more flowing less structured feel.

What other linen pieces do you have?

We have a gorgeous selection of linen in at the moment, all you have to do is click on the drop down ‘store’ menu on our homepage and select ‘all linens’ – there you will find our newest additions like Tessie and Tendai. As well as trousers and of course our shirts.

If we’ve whet your appetite for Linen, why not check out our linen section here > All Linen

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