There’s no denying things feel a little grim at the moment. There’s lots of uncertainty around regarding the Covid-19 virus and how it will affect us in our day-to-day lives. Not to dismiss the seriousness of the situation, but we hope that Kasbah Clothing can be a little ray of sunshine in these difficult times.

This week we’re brightening things up on the blog and across social media. And what better way to delve into the world of colour by spending 5 minutes with Image consultant and stylist, Josie Hamilton-Cook from House of Colour.

So firstly tell us a little about yourself?

I’m Josie Hamilton-Cook. Im 48, married to Iain, mum of a gorgeous 13 year old daughter and fur baby chocolate labrador called Bailey. I live in the lovely Lincolnshire market town of Louth. I run several businesses including my image consultancy, holiday home and property businesses so never a dull moment. 

What is it that you do with House of Colour?

I’m an image consultant. I offer clients the full package of personal styling including amongst other things colour analysis, personal style, skin care and make up classes to get them looking and feeling their absolute best every day.

How do you find your work helps women?

As women we can be very critical of ourselves and our appearance.  We often see only our flaws when we look in the mirror and feel very vulnerable about how we look. I help women learn to like what they see in the mirror and feel good about themselves. I give them permission to be kind to themselves and dress to express who they really are. I want all women to be free to dress their body as it is now (not 2 stone lighter !) and to show the world their unique authenticity through their appearance. My clients tell me that they feel so much happier and confident in themselves once they’ve been allowed to be who they really are.

How did you get into colour analysis?

Going through my own journey as a client of House of Colour really changed how I felt about myself. I was feeling very depressed and had lost sight of who I really was. I had been hiding my true personality behind boring drab clothes and being given permission to be myself really has changed my self confidence about my body. I now enjoy shopping for clothes and buy clothes that I know flatter my curves but most importantly express who I really am.  

Who can your service help? 

I work with everybody but my particular passion is working with women to help them feel good about themselves. Regardless of age, size and shape every women deserves to feel beautiful and comfortable with her appearance. I show women how they can make the most of their body shape and proportions to really show off those fabulous curves. Once they have the skills to do that then I can help them add the details which add impact and really showcase their authentic personality. This for me is where the magic happens and they finally have permission to be authentic. 

Why do you love what you do so much?

Having spent many years doing work that made money but didn’t give me any joy, I have finally found something which can make such a difference to people. I love what I do because it really does change how people feel about themselves. If I can make people feel good about themselves then that is the best feeling in the world. For me it’s about something so much deeper than clothes and make up. 

Josie’s Top Kasbah Clothing Picks.

We asked Josie to take a look at the Kasbah Clothing website and pick out some pieces she loved and that fit in the with the colour analysis work she does…

“The House of Colour process I use is market leading and during the colour analysis I look at clients natural skin tone along with their eye and natural hair colour to find their best colours. Everyone is then given a season which represents the colours which look amazing on them.”

“I was spoilt for choice with Kasbah Clothing, but have selected a few things for each of the personal style seasons.”

Winter Colour Palette

The Winter colour palette is clear, bright, vivid or icy.

Josie’s Winter palette choice – Paloma – White Jersey long Trousers with Tanuja – Asymmetric cut Kaftan Tunic 

“Such a versatile pair of trousers as we come into spring/summer. Fab for holiday packing as a great non crease alternative to linen. This top is so colourful and the asymmetric hem is really different and again easy to wear with this or jeans”

Summer Colour Palette

Summer colours are – blue, soft, smoky and rose.

Josie’s Summer Palette Choice – Tyrana – Old Rose Jersey Top

” A lovely unusual soft rose pink colour and such a versatile and flattering shape to wear over leggings, jeans and trousers”

Spring Colour Palette

Spring colours are: Clear, bright, warm and light.

Josie’s Spring choice – Tessina – Bright Navy Jersey 3/4 sleeve T-Shirt 

” A rare find to see this bright navy which is perfect for Springs. Love both the top and trousers in this very wearable soft jersey. I would add some more colour to this outfit with some tan boots and a splash of turquoise using a scarf or necklace to really give it that pop !”

Autumn Colour Palette

Autumn colours are: Rich, warm earthy and vibrant.

Kalinda – Long linen/cotton mix wide cut Shirt/Jacket

 Teal or Kingfisher blue (HOC name) is a fab colour for autumns. This is a very versatile piece that would give so many outfit options. Ideal as a jacket over trousers and a top or it could be fastened to make a dress which could work really well with a Tan leather belt to show off your waist.”

You can find out more about Josie and House of Colour on their website. Follow Josie on instagram @houseofcolour_josiehc

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